1946-48 Lincoln Style Door Buttons – Three Buttons

Lincoln Style Door Buttons – One Pair of Buttons (frenching panels optional)



1946-48 Lincoln Style Door Latch Buttons

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Our Lincoln Style door buttons are NOT direct reproductions of the original Lincoln parts, but rather a modern homage to those parts made from solid Stainless Steel (instead of chromed potmetal) for years of beautiful service.  They are very slightly smaller in OD than the originals, and they mount to the door skin in a completely different (and much more robust) manner than the originals.


In this listing they are sold as a quantity of three (3).  There are also listings in the catalog for a qty of one (1) and a qty of two (2) if you need to purchase some other quantity for your particular project (say you want to use one on your trunk lid, or as the starter button on the dash, or just need two for your front doors, etc).


Click Here for the Qty of (1) Button Listing

Click Here for the Qty of (2) Buttons Listing


Each button comes with two gaskets (a thin outer and a thick inner) and a mounting nut. All parts are brand new production, Made in the USA.


The OD of the cup bezel is 1.5″, the ID of the mounting hold required in your door skin is 1.25″, they project from the door skin 0.125″ (unless you use the frenched mounting panels that we sell, in which case they are flush with the face of the door skin), the stroke of the button is 0.625″, and the projection with the button at rest into the door cavity is 1.125″. The frenching panels are made from 18gage cold rolled sheet steel, press formed by us, as they are ordered.


We polish these buttons as they are ordered so that they arrive to you with the best possible shine. We also make every set of frenched mounting panels to order, so they are not setting around on a shelf rusting while waiting to be sold. This means that there will be a delay of at least one or two days from the time you place your order to when it ships. This, to us, is the best compromise between speedy service and delivering the product in the best possible condition.


International orders are welcome!


Check out this very well done tech thread on The HAMB where user Asphalt Angel details his install of our buttons in his Fat Fender Ford. Excellent work indeed, sir.

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