T9-80 – 80% Tec9 Lower Receiver – PREORDER – CLOSED

The T9-80 is an unfinished aluminum replacement lower receiver for Intratec Tec-9 pistols.



This is the T9-80  80% Tec9 Lower Receiver Preorder.

What is it:

The T9-80 is an unfinished aluminum replacement lower receiver for Intratec Tec-9 pistols.  These pistols were originally sold with injection molded ABS plastic lower receivers which inevitably crack and split, usually around the take-down pin hole and the ejector pin hole, rendering the weapon unusable.  As a result, when you find a used Tec-9 for sale, it is usually found as a pile of parts in a bag or box.  The T9-80 lets to put these useless parts back into service.

Our receiver kits are compatible with most Intratec versions of the Tec-9, KG-99, and AB-10.

Be aware that there are many versions of the Tec-9, not all of them built or sold by Intratec, whose parts may fit up with this lower just fine, but since they have not been tested by us we CANNOT guaranteed they will fit or operate properly.  The only parts kits that we will guarantee to fit and function as intended are the original Tec-9 pistols manufactured by Intratec with the shrouded barrel, as shown in the product images.

What’s Included:

80% complete Lower Receiver
All Required Hardware to Assemble the Receivers themselves (cap screws, allen nuts, dowel pins, etc)
Pistol Grip Mounting Hardware
Allen Keys for Assembling/Disassembling the Lower itself

What’s Options Are There?

QD Sling Swivel with Mounting Socket machined into the rear of the receiver
Arm Brace Mount Tube that threads into the socket at the rear of the upper receiver retention boss
NOTE:  These are ADDED COST options.  See the drop down menus to the right for cost and availability

What’s NOT Included (but you’ll still need):

ALL the parts from a stock Intratec Tec-9 pistol except for the following:

original plastic lower receiver

The following AR-15 parts:

pistol grip (the type WITHOUT an additional beavertail like the Magpul MOE has)

The following cutting tools (available for sale as a separate kit):

1/2″ OD x 1/2″ Length of Cut Top Bearing Flush Trim router bit (shank sized to fit your router)
5/32″ twist drill
1/4″ twist drill
0.257″ (Letter ‘F’) twist drill

What’s Left to Machine:

Take-Down Lug clearance pocket
FCG pocket
Ejector clearance pocket
FCG cross holes for trigger/sear/ejector pins
Take down pin hole must be enlarged after all other work is finished to allow the take down pins to slide through smoothly

Need a Router Jig Plate?


Need a Cutting Tool Kit?


PLEASE NOTE:  This is a PREORDER.  None of the parts you are purchasing have been machined yet, and will not be machined until after the preorder has closed.  Once production starts, all of the money raised here will have been spent on material and perhaps even machinery/equipment to produce the parts with.  As such, once production starts, there can be no cancellations or refunds.

We will deliver parts to customers as they are made, on a first purchased = first shipped basis.  Be prepared for delivery to take three or four months (after the preorder ends), maybe more if something gives us trouble.  We will post production updates on the blog here as time goes on, to keep everyone in the preorder apprised of what is happening.


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