At Long Last, CS12-80 Uppers Are Rolling

Having finally gotten over the mild case of death I contracted week before last, I’m finally back on CS12-80 production, specifically the upper receivers.

My philosophy is to always start with the most difficult parts in an assembly, that way you’ve got time to get over the shock and order replacement material should things go pear shaped on you.  In this case that means doing the upper receivers first, as they are far and away the most complicated of the several parts that need made.

Here are some pics of the first article (proving part) after the first operation in the VMC was finished (one down, four to go):



This operation cut all the internal geometry for the bolt, sled, cartridge elevator, and feed system (what of them that come finished anyway), as well as the thru holes for clamping the halves together and the dowel pin holes for aligning them.

More pictures as interesting things happen.

That is all.

2 thoughts on “At Long Last, CS12-80 Uppers Are Rolling

    1. No sir, the preorder is closed and production is moving along nicely (if a bit slowly), so you cannot place an order for one now.

      However, there will be spares left after the preorders have all been filled which will be listed on the website for sale once all the others are shipped.

      The best way to get notified when those go up for sale is to join our mailing list by going here and filling out the form:

      Thank you for your interest.

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