CS12-80 Lowers – Setup 3 Done – Scrap Forces Backtrack

OK, so the good news is, setup three on the lowers is done . . . for most of the batch.

The bad news is that I scrapped enough bars in this setup that I’m going to have to back track and run a few new bars through setups one, two, and three to catch them up with the rest of the batch again.

It’s not the end of the world, it’s just another in a long line of minor setbacks that keep making this project take longer than I ever thought (or even feared) it would.

Anyway, progress IS still happening, albeit at a somewhat glacial pace.

No new pictures, you’ve seen what setup three was about already.

Thank you for your business and your patience guys, it really cannot be overstated how much I appreciate all of you.

I’ll post again once I’ve got all the new guys caught up to the rest of the batch.

That is all.

2 thoughts on “CS12-80 Lowers – Setup 3 Done – Scrap Forces Backtrack

  1. Sorry your dealing with setbacks. I check your site every couple days for updates on your cs12-80 project. May the metal obey your direction..lol.

    1. Unfortunately, setbacks have been a way of life on this project.

      That being said, I got the replacements caught up to the rest of the batch today, so everyone will move on to setup four early next week.

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