CS12-80 Lowers – Setup 4 is Rolling

Got started on Setup 4 on the CS12-80 Lower Receivers last week and am now rolling on them pretty well.


Should be done with this setup middle of next week.  That will leave setups 5, 6, and 7 yet to do, which will take about the same amount of time, maybe less ’cause most of them have fewer tool changes, then the Lowers will be finished and I’ll move on to the jig plates.


Progress is slow, I know, but it IS happening.  Just have to keep moving forward until they’re done, one step at a time.  But we’re getting closer.


Pics are:  1) How I setup the soft jaws to fixture this setup and the ones that follow.  The pins just move from the current holes to another set for the next setup, and so on.  2) Lower setting in place on the pins, ready to clamp.  3)  Lower clamped in place, ready to cut.  4,5,&6)  Process finished.  7)  I’ve got lowers in red bins on every available flat surface in my shop right now.

Thank you for your continued patience guys, it really means the world to me that nobody (and I mean NOBODY) has freaked out as the project has drug on.  I’m very sorry that I so badly underestimated how long this was going to take, but we’re nearing the end now, and in the future I will endeavor to not make that same mistake again.  Thank you all again for your business.


That is all.

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