Logic Industries is Still Open for Business

Logic Industries LLC is operating as normal, still taking and filling orders, manufacturing parts, and answering customer emails, etc, and we intend to continue with business as usual for the foreseeable future.

If that status should change, we will post an update here ASAP.  Otherwise, you should assume that we are open and doing business as normal.

That is all.

10 thoughts on “Logic Industries is Still Open for Business

    1. There are seven setups for the CS12-80 lower, and six or seven for the Tec9 lowers (depending on the options).

      I’m getting close on the CS12-80 lowers. I’m in the middle of setup six, and then setup seven is just a single cut with a single tool, so it should go pretty fast.

      That just leaves the jig plates (one for the upper, one for the lower), the depth gage plates, the firing pins, the bolt lock thumb studs, the bolt locks, and a custom spring for each receiver as the parts yet to be made.

      None of that is really complex, save for the bolt lock itself, and it’s not THAT complex, just hard to hold onto.

      1. thanks for the fast reply and your dedication to getting these done I can’t wait to see the finished product!

    1. I think I answered your email, but if I did not, you can email me at: tech AT logicmfg DOT com

      Hit me with an email there if you haven’t already heard from me via email and I’ll get you sorted out.

  1. I placed an order recently and you responded to me, but I must have deleted it by mistake. Would you please send the reply again. Thank you

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