CS12-80 Lowers – Setup 6 Done, Setup 7 Incoming.

As the title says, setup six on the CS12-80 lowers is now done.  Happened so fast I didn’t even do a “rolling” post with pictures like usual.

I did take some pictures for you guys though:

This setup was just for drilling and tapping the pistol grip retention screw hole, so as you can see, the part is held at a funky angle to facilitate that.  The pictures themselves are pretty self explanatory (I hope).

Now I’m on to setup seven, which is the last one (oh, thank God) on the lowers, and it’s just a single little slot in the top of the part to make clearance for the bolt lock to live in after you’ve finished the lower.  Shouldn’t take real long at all.

Then it’s on to the jig plates.

Hope you guys are all staying healthy and alive out there.  Don’t let the Kung Flu (or the Quarantine Gestapo) getcha!

That is all.

1 thought on “CS12-80 Lowers – Setup 6 Done, Setup 7 Incoming.

  1. beautiful work thanks for the pics. I love the idea to make these open up like a sandwich, so cool.

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