Setup 3 Done, Setups 4 & 5 Combined, Imminent

CS12-80 Production Upper Setup 3 is done.  Has been for about a week and a half actually.


Found a way to combine setups 4 & 5, but I had to buy some tools and toolholders, so I’ve been waiting on those to show up so I can get started on the last setup for the upper receivers.


Here’s a couple of pics from the last day of setup 3:



The gap in CNC work has let me catch up on some one-off custom work that had been waiting in line for quite a while, so the time wasn’t wasted, it just didn’t move THIS project forward.


As always guys, thank you for your business and your patience as I grind out these parts, it is greatly appreciated.

2 thoughts on “Setup 3 Done, Setups 4 & 5 Combined, Imminent

  1. How can I get one of these. I missed the preorder for the cs-12 80. But boy do i want one. Please help a brother out. I love your work as a im a welder and apprentice tool and die man. I just started running lathes, windmills i love, precision is my game. Please help me buy one of these from you. Thank you if you can help, if not, y’all still alright in my book

    1. I can’t sell you one right this moment, but when I have the lowers done and I know for sure how many sets I’ve got intact, I’ll know how many spares I’ve got, and THEN I will sell you one.

      I’ll send out an email to the mailing list when that happens, so if you’d like to be notified, you can go here and fill out the form to join the list:

      Thank you for your interest.

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