Pause in Production While We Add a New Machine

There’s been no posts here for a while because the shop has been pretty quiet for the last six or so weeks (all of Nov and Dec up to this point), and that is because we had to move literally every machine in the shop except for the old VMC in order to make room for a new (to us) VMC.

We had to move everything, and then wait for a week and a half while the driveway dried out enough for the big truck with the giant forktruck and the big truck with the new VMC on them not to sink into the ground out of sight.

Once the machine was on the ground in the shop, we had to put everything back, but nothing could go back where it had been before (’cause it wouldn’t all fit like that), so then began the three week and counting process of finding everything a new home that makes sense and is usable, etc.

It’s been a long road, but we’ve just about got it done now.  The last things that need to be done are wiring up the Sharp LMV-50 and the Fadal 4020 (the new VMC) and running the air lines out into the middle of the shop and to the Fadal, then we can get back to work again.

Sorry for the radio silence, we’ve just been beavering away at getting the shop put back together and operational again, and there’s not much that’s worth taking pictures of while it’s happening.  Just imagine crap strewn all over the place in a huge jumble and you’ve captured the scene perfectly.

Anyway, this post would be entirely worthless without pictures of the new machine, so here those are:

I hope to be back up and running again after Christmas.

Thanks for stopping by.

That is all.

6 thoughts on “Pause in Production While We Add a New Machine

  1. Do you think you will have them finished by spring? I’m afraid if biden gets in the white house 80% receivers will be one of the first things he makes illegal. Nice machine by the way!

    1. Thank you. Yes, they’ll be out by spring. Hoping to have them shipping by the end of Jan or middle of Feb.

  2. Kinda looks like what my mind would build a cloning machine from a lost and by gone era. The creations she could help to bring forth. Well worth the wait.

    1. Right now I’m workin on the new machine. Once it’s fixed, I’ll be back to work on receivers.

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